Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to School Sales

Hey guys, I just wanted to get on here really fast since today is the start for tax free weekend in Oklahoma (August 4th-6th) I wouldn't want any of you to miss out on some great coupons! I love a good coupon!! My husband used to never use them and now anywhere we go he is all about asking me if I have a coupon! Of course I do... Saving money means I get to buy more! Right?? Oh, no? Maybe I have been doing that wrong the whole time but it makes sense in my head! Haha!

First of all these kids are expensive and we got to find some way to save money where we can so we can get the most bang for our buck!

Do you have the Shopular app downloaded?? If not, go download it!! You can literally be standing in line and just search on the app the store you are in and it will bring up all the coupons they have at the moment! Why wouldn't everybody have this app. Its genius! You just have to show them at the register and they can scan it and bam! Your done. No fussing with printing or keeping track of these little tiny papers to get 20% off. Anybody else like me and feel anxiety while shopping while you have your coupon in your wallet?? I check to make sure its still in my wallet at least 3 times before checking out. I cant be the only one... But I don't have to do that anymore!

Ok now I want to show you a few of the stores I thought might help you out while you are trying to get back to school shopping done with saving money on Tax free weekend, and even more with some coupons!

$10 off $25 of more: Online Code- SAVING4

Old Navy
you don't even need a coupon here! They just have really good deals at the moment! If you sign up for their email you will get a 30% code for online orders. Heck yeah! That offer ends today 8/4/17.
Free shipping on $50 or more.
Online & In-Store:
Up to 50% off kids. Tees from $4, Jeans From $10, Uniform $5, and Dresses from $8.
Adults up to 50% off. Prices starting at $6.


Entire site and In-store 50% off!

If you don't have the Cartwheel app download it now!! You can save on everything! It would be very helpful at the moment for back to school shopping, but I use it all year! Also if you don't have the Target Red Card you should definitely look in to it! I don't have the credit card but I do have the debit card and you automatically save 5% on every purchase. Plus when you use the cartwheel app all your savings start really adding up! This is just a few that I have in my cartwheel to show y'all what great deals you can get!
Don't forget about Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross, You can find great deals in there! Is there any other stores that are having great deals at the moment that I might be missing? I'm sure there is... If so let me know and I can get some links attached to help everybody out!
Enjoy you last few days with your babies being at home before school starts up! Although we are all secretly a little excited for them to go back... Sorry teachers! 😉

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